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Life Drawing:  

The Body and the Fluid Line

11am–1pm, Sunday 18th September 2022 

In nature, it is rare to find a rigid straight line––our bodies too are a sensual sculpted mass that speak of growth and change. In this life drawing session, we will be considering gestural approaches to drawing that attempt to embody this.


8 places  (16+)

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suitable for beginners through to professional artists


Tonal Work with Ink

3-5pm, Sunday 9th October 2022


As shadows lengthen and contrast becomes more pronounced we will explore tonal values using different dilutions of ink, working in monochrome.


N.B. This might be an interesting follow-up workshop to artist Irene Campbell's FREE workshop: 

'Handmade Brushes' on 25th September up at St.Ronan's Wells (see Eventbrite)



8 places  (16+)

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Chinese ink will be provided but feel free to bring your own (e.g. oak gall ink). Please bring a variety of brushes for ink plus bamboo pen/sticks or any other interesting drawing tools plus stout paper.


suitable for beginners  to confident artists


Marking the Rhythm, Moving the Line

7-9pm Friday 30th September 2022

A light-hearted session to loosen our grip and get us moving. Here, we'll experiment with the surprising impact that music can have on the expression of our mark-making. 

Draw softly, furiously, rhythmically, freely...

You might want to join this class to uncover new forms of marks to take forward into your drawing practice but equally you're welcome to join this class purely for the fun of it !



8 places  (16+)

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Charcoal and large sheets of newsprint provided but please feel free to bring your own additional materials (e.g. oil pastels) and more robust paper

suitable for beginners through to professional artists


Thanks to everyone who brought their energy and good wishes into my studio for Innerleithen Open Studios...I was overwhelmed by the volume of visitors! Happily the event looks set to become and annual happening